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One-Click DeFi Passive Income

Decentralized asset management made simple.Discover onchain vaults with curated strategies inside.

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Our indexesDiverse narratives aligned with your preferencesand goals

Locus partners and integrations

Technical integrations

Yearn vault

Yearn-based vaults help us store and calculate user shares and revenues. They have been battle-tested in numerous projects and remain the standard for DeFi vaults, so Locus Vaults are built upon their architecture.


It's a gas-efficient and open to the community cross-chain messaging protocol. Locus is using LayerZero because we utilize Stargate as a layer above it.


Stargate, a cross-chain bridge, is vital for Locus omnichain xUSD vault, connecting users and strategies across different chains. It's built on LayerZero technology, well-known in the community.

Uniswap V3 Router

The crosschain crypto and bridge aggregator, which Locus integrated, enables deposits into vaults from almost any chain and token.


The routing partner enables deposits into Locus vaults from almost any token.

Protocols integrations

Trader Joe

Earn from multiple yield sources

Get ETH staking yields, Eigenlayer points, restaking protocol points, and Pendle incentives in one index.

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Earn extra by 
staking your tokens

Earn staking rewards on Locus 
products with just a couple of clicks.

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We simplify and streamline the entire investment process

Seamless DeFi Investment

Locus simplifies the management of your yield portfolio by offering a one-click solution to get a diversified, secure portfolio for generating yield on ETH or USD, while providing exposure to the growth of DeFi.

Transparent Yield Without the Hassle

Each Locus product contains a transparent and curated basket of yield strategies, subject to a strict risk score and due diligence process.

Index Monitoring

Keeps indexes relevant to the market by reevaluating the composition of the products, rebalancing, implementing new strategies, monitoring positions 24/7, and reporting to the community.

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Affordable. Efficient. Simple

Index technology addresses the pain points of managing a DeFi portfolio, such as paying high gas fees, reinvesting, rebalancing positions, and rotating strategies.

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Investment Spectrum

From steadfast blue chips to emerging trends, we tailor options to fit your investment style and aims.

Onchain Transparency

Say goodbye to opaque asset management. Verify the assets onchain anytime.

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